We are passionate about packaging.  We want to match our products to our customers and we will work tirelessly until that is achieved.  We bring extensive packaging experience and an extensive retail background to the table, and we put it all at your service for a perfect packaging match.
Our storage program has been a staple of our success.  No matter how big or small your operation is, please ask us about it.


Every year, we visit fairs and exhibitions around the world to stay on the fine edge of what’s new in packaging.  Innovators are found all around the globe these days and while we’ve had our share of great ideas, we don’t pretend to hold a monopoly on those.  We are always looking for new trends.


It’s an easy thing to say and it’s well overused in our industry, but you’ll never know what a true packaging partner is until you’ve worked with Eco-Lux.  Personalized and attentive after-sale service is the cornerstone of our business.


We know how precious retail space is.  Ask about our pay-as-we-ship plan.  You won’t believe your ears!!!  You can have all the advantages of a mega-retailer without having to shell out big dollars up front.  We store, we ship when you ask, you pay for what you receive.  It’s literally that simple.


We respect our company, we respect our clients, and we respect our industry, but above all we respect and trust our employees and our people. Everyone at Eco-Lux is a part of our family, and as such, no matter how big or small YOUR business is, you are always dealing with a partner in OUR company.